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Independance day expressions!






August is a great month to enjoy the spirit of Indian and Singaporean Independence!

It was awesome experience listening to speeches by  Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, on occasion of the celebration of Independence day of respective countries. I want to share few takeaways from both speeches with my blog readers-

1.The phenomenal concept of ‘Team India‘ in which Mr. Modi has requested all Indians to consider themselves as part of a team, which is working towards the development of the nation, is very impressive. We as women can make a great team and contribute in various ways for the development of a country.

2. Raise your daughter and son equally. Both should be taught skills to work for their choice of career and also how to take care of family equally. As mothers let’s pledge to teach equal skills to kids of both genders,  to value and respect each other, to be mindful of responsibilities for our country. Values taught to present generation can do wonders for future of our country.

3. We have to be mindful of taking care of nature and conserving natural resources. If we can inculcate certain habits in our kids from childhood like saving water, less usage of plastic, saving electricity, limit wastage of food and certain other habits in favor of nature care.I am sure future generation will be able to enjoy nature and lead a safe life.

4. If we curb certain habits like stop giving and taking bribes, respect every individual same whatever level they are, follow general rules regarding traffic, standing in a queue, waiting for your turn and much more, in few years time our country will definitely come in the category of top countries in the world. It was such a great feeling of getting the driving license made in India, without giving a single currency not:).Things are definitely possible if we take initiatives.

5.”Make the most of what you have, chase that rainbow!”-This statement by PM Lee in the video shown during the National day celebrations in Singapore is a very impactful statement. Kids can do wonders if they are taught to be mindful to focus on their goals and work hard to achieve it, in whatever circumstances they are.Same goes with us as adults. We should put our efforts in making the most of what opportunities we get, instead of cribbing about what we don’t have!


Charu Mehrotra

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