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Happy Birthday India

I wish a very Happy Birthday and a bright future to my country India on her 67th Birthday.I am proud to be Indian Woman and am full of gratitude for so many things in my life which happened because of my strong Indian upbringing and roots which are difficult to let go! 

Indian women are special in her own way. We can say that modernization has affected Indian women in a certain way and many attributes of her personality have changed. She is no more than a silent woman who used to bear all negativeness of life quietly. She has got a voice and she knows how to get equality in the society. In spite of modernization few values are been maintained by most of the Indian women and that too without any pressure. I would like to share about few values which I love to maintain and pass to my daughter too-

Being Indian has taught me the importance of culture and respect for each other in the family.Comfort level of elders in a family is given priority and Indian culture teaches to maintain it in the family forever. The festivity celebrations throughout the year bring happiness and mood of celebration in families. I love to pass this culture to my kids. I really want them to have a clear understanding behind the celebration of these festivals and celebrate it with full enthusiasm. My Indian heritage has taught me the love for the variety of food and I just love to have those special festive snacks cooked in my home as it brings reasons of smiles and celebrations in the family.

I am proud to be Indian woman because my Indian heritage has taught me the importance of family values which are very important especially when you are not staying in India. The unique culture of touching feet of elders not only teaches to have respect for them but also makes one more humane.No matter what atmosphere is in the country I am staying but my Indian upbringing makes me fearless and my family comes as a first priority in my life. I am proud of my Indian dressing and want it to be carried it by my daughter too. The grace which I feel in saree is incomparable to any other dressing in the world.

The list is long and there will be still many reasons for which I am full of gratitude to my country. Long live India!

Charu Mehrotra

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