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Vacation time-Don’t Miss the chance to enjoy it!

Vacation time has always been fun and you never want to come out of it, and this was the reason for my long absence from the blogging world! vac_01

Work-life balance, kids, office, health, friends, whole year we go around with them planning, managing, discussing and carrying our duties and thus at times we get exhausted. Vacation comes as a blessing to us as it helps to rejuvenate every member of the family. Kids come out of their school world, parents come out of their work environment and grandparents also get a chance to have some fun outside their regular routine.This change fills them with fresh energy to face rest of the year with firmness.Thats’s why always enjoy your vacations and never let those moments go waste in life. Most of the time vacations are planned while keeping in mind the location of the place, may be you want to explore some new country or some new city. But besides this one place should always be their in your list which is the native place where you belong. That place should always be in the list as that place connects you th place of your origin. Where you can take your child and show his roots and cultural values.

This topic can never come in my mind if I would have been staying in India.But when we are far away from our country then we really miss the love and warmth of our near ones back home.Our kids are growing up in such an isolation that fills me with fear about their future that they won’t be aware of the love we got. That’s why its very important for them to visit their native place once a year so that they never feel alienated there.The charm of once native place is incomparable with some other place in world.Where ever you go in this world you will be alone only. Or you may have a circle of friends. But the love which your near and dear ones shower at you has no comparison in this whole world.

The point is to enjoy those precious moments. Don’t waste it in doing those tasks which are not relevant at that time. Prioritize having fun with near ones. Spend time with them and catch up with their life, plan big family outings together, play games together, and moreover do plan a party.

Vacation can be planned to a tourist destination also which you explore with your family. It can be a good time to spend some quality time with your kids and help them to gather knowledge about the new place. Where is the place located on map, what are special feature related to place like weather, food, people etc. You can explore tourist activities at that place with your kid which can give you some relaxing time together.

Romantic vacation is the other type which helps to create a special bonding between you and your partner and it has also to be planned periodically. Time passes off and you never realize that  you have missed some fun time together as a couple. Exploring new country together can really add value to your relationship in a better way as don’t be surprised to come to know the real funloving side of your partner(which is not reflected in routine life).

Start planning all types of vacation yearly. After all we have to make our life fill with happy memories!

Charu Mehrotra

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