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New Year Resolutions with a twist!

Its really a blessing that we get to celebrate New Year many times a year as different races celebrate on different dates!  

As Chinese New Year is being celebrated currently and celebrations will be on for next 2 weeks I am taking this opportunity to have a look on my resolutions. For last few years I jot down few points in the name of resolutions in the beginning of the year and focus on implementing it. Diet care, exercise, time-management, family and kids care, career goals are the general ones which as women I want to excel every year if  I am able to follow. But I have realized with time that most important resolution in today’s times should be ‘To be disciplined’. Discipline normally takes us to the definition which says training to act according to rules’.

Life suddenly has become very active and busy for most of the people. The proper time management for the day leads one to success or failure path. Smartphones, social media, whats app, so many things are there to occupy anybody in their daily life and mind you, this is beside your work, family, and other regular affairs.Mr. Google itself takes away so much time as while searching on Google often one gets distracted and land on some other surfing page instead of what one was supposed to. Because of whats app one miss the personal call touch to friends and relatives which give more warmth in the relationship.Facebook has definitely been boon to keep in touch with whole friend and family clan, especially when one is residing in some foreign country but that also requires discipline to surf. Once somebody is on FB page one start following others link, status, updates by websites to which one is subscribed and with so many notifications to follow. Time gone doing all this can never come back, in spite of this its difficult to kill the urge.

Like to fulfill resolutions for diet, exercise we have to follow few rules same way we have to develop discipline in using social media platforms. All these platforms help in gaining the abundance of knowledge and connections, but it’s a waste if any gained knowledge is not applied. Therefore disciplining oneself for using social media platforms in a more organized way is the requirement of the day. One way can be following timers for all activity. Readers of this blog please feel free to share your tips which you follow in your life to use social media in an organized way.

So my resolution for this year is to be disciplined in all activities and be mindful about it:)!

Charu Mehrotra

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