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Positivity Movement!

Social Media is a craze in today’s times!

Certainly, there are both positive and negative repercussions as of excessive indulgence in use of social media by users. I am getting overwhelmed by the wave of positive messages sharing on various social media platforms. Either in form of quotations or stories, whole social media is filled with groups, pages, websites and a lot more which talk about the importance of being positive in life.

It is a beautiful life, which we normally tend to forget to live fully by surrounding ourselves with all negative emotions of frustration, depression, getting disheartened, and so many other negative emotions. In such scenario, all this social media sharing really helps people to fight with their negativities and live a positive life. Especially for old age group, social media is really a channel to keep themselves connected and read what they like. Life is busy for everybody and then such sharing on facebook, whats app or other social media only help us to stay connected and help each other to be positive always. Instead of getting influenced by the negative side of social media craze let’s just focus on positive reading and sharing which can help us to excel in life.

It is time to carry out this positivity movement on a larger scale and share so much positivity around so that nobody is sad and living their life fully by living in present. So keep on sharing positive stories friends and be a part of this movement!!

Charu Mehrotra

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