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Renowned Singapore Artist Vijaya Mohan Popularising Clapping Therapy to Heal People

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Power of Clapping

Vijaya Mohan is quite renowned for her achievements in the field of arts in Singapore. Vijaya Mohan an Indian Singaporean is a renowned and acclaimed Rangoli artiste (Indian courtyard painting and floor art). She holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Rangoli in the World and additionally holds 25 Singapore records in various categories ( the largest, longest, most number of people etc). Vijaya has drawn over 8000 Rangolis in Singapore as well as in Australia, Brunei, India, Mauritius, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and USA. Her achievements in the field of arts are just incredible.

Vijaya has got quite a recognition for her achievements in the field of arts but Womenlines wants to highlight how she has used arts as therapy for healing purposes. Vijaya Mohan is a Singapore trained art therapist and special educator with 15 years of experience in the field of health, therapy and the arts. She has worked with children with autism in the school setting and is doing voluntary work in art therapy in various organizations like the Institute of Mental Health, Rehab for Elderly and in Singapore girl’s home.

At present, Vijaya is popularizing ‘Clapping Therapy’ in which she has a strong faith and she is passionately conducting workshops at various centres in Singapore for which she is not even charging. She has a strong belief in the power of clapping. We clap our hands to cheer, encourage someone for their good work or achievement while singing songs, bhajans, and prayer at holy places.  When we are happy we clap our hands to express joy and happiness, and encourage others but very few people know that ‘The World Health Organization (WHO)’ has also confirmed that clapping hands is one of the best exercises in daily activities. Clapping is one of the ancient Yogasna (yoga poses) in our Hindu scriptures. There are 39 different acupressure points for almost all organs on our palm which are activated by clapping and this action improves your health slowly but effectively. So while clapping we are sending energies to all these points. If any organs have energy block it helps to release it so that inner organs may function in a better way.

Vijaya wants to popularise Clapping Therapy as it can heal people from various diseases. She is willing to organise Therapy Workshops at various centres and also at the Corporate level too. She has a special request “I would like to do this clapping as fun as LUNCH time fun activity in the Corporate world for those who are sitting in front of the computers the whole day”.

Reach out to Vijaya at rangolivijaya@gmail.com if you want to organise Clapping Therapy Workshop!


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