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Set reasonable expectations from kids!

What do you expect from your kid? Somebody asked this question to me!

It was not easy for me to answer. I took a minute and sincerely from my heart I wanted him to learn how to be happy in this stressful world. Believe me, it hurts me the most when I am not able to locate childhood innocence and happiness on kids faces nowadays. When I look around I find kids sad faces, who are pressurized to excel in studies, arts, music and other activities to get ahead in the rat race. As a parent I really want my kid to excel in studies, but I don’t want to run after him 24 hrs for his studies. I want to make him responsible enough to decide himself how much effort he is going to put for his studies. My efforts will be to make his subjects basic clear to him, after that he should be given a chance to choose which road to follow. He should be well versed with moral education and he should be always striving for excellence in what ever field he goes.

In terms of expectations, I don’t put myself in the category of dreaming him to be Einstein, or some famous Astronaut or any other crazy dream which many parents have. I want him to be humane first and then he should be having some passion to follow. I don’t want to kill his childhood under various courses to go for. He should be enjoying his activities with his friends, running around trees catching each other madly, or fighting with each other for some silly things, these are some precious childhood activities which no child should be robbed of.

As a parent, we should be striving to hear our kids laugh often, see them jumping, dancing, singing all the way on the journey towards various destinations in life. I am not getting philosophical but sincerely these joys are valuable joys in life which we are forgetting in search of material things. These moments of joys are really precious and should multiply each coming day


Charu Mehrotra

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  1. Candace Davies

    This is a great post Charu, as a Mom of three kids, I so agree with you. Childhood goes way too fast and kids need to do the things they may not be able to when they get into their adult years. There is just way too much stress and expectations placed on kids these days.

    Thanks for reminding all your readers about this important aspect of parenthood.



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