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Parenting Myths Busted in a Workshop by Dr Laxmi!(I)


What do you think about Parenting as a concept?
Ask any parent of today’s generation, he will not give you a strange look as he knows how much interested he is in the concept. Same question if asked to parents of our parents or grandparents generation then definitely they would have raised their eyebrows because parenting for them is the most natural happening to the same way as marriage or other changes in life. Times have changed and so the new age parents. As we have developed with time in the field of Technology, Science, Infrastructure, and other fields, we have developed a new concept of parenting also. Kid’s upbringing requires different objects around him at different stages of his life, to make him smarter, sharper, and active. This is the new age theory to expose kids to different objects from the moment they are in the womb. Mothers start listening to particular music, start reading subjective books to make their kids brilliant. The moment they are born they are exposed to certain music, CDs, videos, toys, just with the objective; kid will be smarter and intelligent when he will grow up.

I was following the same parenting concept till the time I attended Dr Laxmi’s parenting workshop!

What we do with our kids is what we want them to be. In between, we forget that he himself is unique, with his own choices, and I cannot mould him but I have to mould myself as per his requirements. How can I waste his time in learning ABCs when nature wants him to play around with his friends? How can I stress him solving puzzles, reading books, writing, when his nature clock wants him to play with and around, climbing trees, and splashing water? He knows what he wants to do but we as a very aware parent, with a wish to make our kid smarter in a lot just ignore his demands and make him do what we want for him. Music classes, dance classes, reading classes, swimming classes, piano classes, starting as early as from age 3 are really a blunder on our part. It was my sheer luck that I came across Dr Laxmi’s workshop. Dr Laxmi is a paediatrician (Neonatalogist). Before starting a private practice, she was the HOD in CDR Apollo hospitals, Chennai. Following that she founded Little Hearts Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad, India in 1997. Her school of thought is that kids should have no sensory stress before age 5. They should not be forced to study before age 5 as their mind is not developed to that extent. Her concepts regarding free play time, choice of toys for your kid, diet pattern and other issues regarding kid upbringing are quite interesting to follow. I will discuss every issue in a separate article later. Parenting should not be taken as a duty. We as a parent can make a huge difference in our kid’s life unless we are guided in a right direction. Thanks to people like Dr Laxmi who are making efforts to help us and guide us!

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