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UDAAN-My dream coming true!

I proudly want to share about my group UDAAN with my blog readers, which I have started jointly with my friend Kamini Chaliki’s  efforts in Singapore http://www.udaangroup.com/

UDAAN is a platform for Indian women in Singapore who are into some business or profession and are looking for networking for mutual benefits. We want to gather all Indian Women in Singapore under single roof to give them benefit of alternative channel of selling their products, besides this UDAAN members will also be getting benefit from UDAAN’S effort of networking and negotiating with other event organizers in Singapore on their behalf for cost effective business agreements.

I strongly believe in women power and if we  get together to work together and jointly put our efforts and hard work in achieving bigger vision nothing will seem impossible. We want to benefit UDAAN members by giving them a mentoring platform by inviting successful women entrpreneurs for their guidance and support to our members. This will definitely help in inward and outward growth of our members. When I started my business in Indian Hand embroidered ladies clothes in Singapore(www.ncstyles.com) I was looking for such platform where I can get benefit of networking and I can share about my product. I was not able to participate in hotel fairs as it was very costly. So I dreamed of such platform which can help me in reaching to right audience in Singapore in cost effective way.

Infact I want all talented women to be part of our group and  we can give them our helping hand to nurture them and motivate them to move ahead in their life from one level to next level. Nobody’s talent should go waste. Try to always nurture your talent and always have dreams for yourself too besides dreams for your family.This is the message of UDAAN-Together we will do it so just aboard our flight towards success and abundance.


Charu Mehrtra

Promoting Excellence in Women!


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One comment
  1. siva

    Dear Madam,

    it is very nice concept & Project to keep all Like-minded people under one roof which would benefit mutually

    well, I Hope you would start similar project in Middle east for indian woman

    best regards

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