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Teaching social responsibility to kids!

Social responsibility is an ethical theory that every individual has some duties towards the development of the society at large!

Society progresses when growth happens evenly for all sections. It’s not necessary that every section of the society progresses together. As responsible human beings we should contribute towards the progress of the underprivileged section of the society. In order to continue with the concept in coming generations, it is very necessary that children should know about the concept at very early age so that they can carry out their responsibility very well when they grow up.
There are various ways through which social responsibility can be taught. First of all, we have to become role model ourselves, so in order to teach our kids first practice what you want them to do. Become a member of a social organization. Start doing volunteer work and help the needy as and when required. In this way, parents make valuable contributions to both societies and to their children’s own personal well-being.
Local food drives, in which various organizations collect foods  which are distributed to families in need, are an excellent opportunity for parents to introduce children to concepts of social responsibility. Even young children are able to understand what it is to not have food. Humanizing the issue makes it less abstract and easier for children to empathize with those in need.
Social responsibility of respecting each other and working together in a group is also an important lesson in life for children. They should be having the understanding to learn and respect the ideas of others in their classroom and work together happily with any group.
There are numerous ways and acts which we can carry out in our daily life to motivate our children to be socially responsible. We as a human are socially responsible for our environment, our surroundings, and our society, so work together for the pleasant progress of everybody!

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