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Activities for kids! (Part 3)

Nurturing a child, to parenting a kid, managing a rebel teenager to guiding your adult kid on the right track- all phases of being a parent has its own challenges!Kids as young as 3 to 6 years old age are at such stage that their building blocks are being set at the base. Whatever you will teach them at this stage will become a part of that base and in long run will help in strengthening the base. So why not guide them to different character building blocks since their childhood.

Teamwork is one such concept which is difficult to teach when they grow up. These two activities which I am sharing today are surely going to teach them the basics of teamwork –

1-Story building concept-

Story making is such an activity which every kid enjoys and if it is done with a team of kids then they really have fun and learning concept together. Decide on a topic and take turns adding one sentence at a time.You can further ask questions to the team to develop new characters. You can use props also which will help in emerging of a character.This is a very good way to improve language skills of your kid and besides that, it helps him to have a flow of ideas within him and exchange of ideas within the team help in building teamwork concept.

2-Saving our resources-

This is a nice way to teach kids about different ways through which we can conserve resources.First of all, we have to explain them the concept of electricity that how electricity flows through different types of equipment of the house.Then we have to explain to them why we have to save electricity and different ways of doing it.Turning off the lights, turning off radios and television when not in use, adjusting the heat and air conditioning- there are so many ways to conserve our resources. The need is to take action. This effort should be made compulsory for the whole family as a team together which will help your kid understanding the importance of the work done.

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