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Religion is good for kids!

Kids are more inclined toward religion and spirituality in today’s times!

Its ironic but this is a fact and I must say is a pleasant fact. In today’s times many  kids enjoy following rituals , performing religious acts and thus believe in presence of supreme power. Thanks to all grandpas and grandmas who guide kids and teach them the importance of  religion in one’s life. Some parents are also quite religious nowadays and make sure that their kid is well aware of their religious and cultural values.Then there are various serials on television channels which showcase our culture in various forms. Festivals are celebrated in a gala way and whole family is shown celebrating festivals together and seeking blessings of their elder lies.

I am not offended at times when my kid watches those episodes of serials and  asks me various questions. In present time when I am staying away from India , I consider it good for him at least he is aware of  our colourful culture. Festivities, celebrations, and other various cultural events are not only the mode of activities but also brings bonding between various groups of societies, it teaches us the concept of eating and laughing together which has slowly started decreasing from our life. Without social bonding a man will be a robot, living for himself only and thus will be like an animal. Its very important to bond with others and it helps us  to be more humane in life. Besides that its very important to pray in life as it helps to relate to supreme power around you and you feel calmer.

Researches show that- “The kids whose parents regularly attended religious services—especially when both parents did so frequently—and talked with their kids about religion were rated by both parents and teachers as having better self-control, social skills and approaches to learning than kids with non-religious parents.”

Life is full of stress, not only for adults but for kids too.They have to involve themselves in studies, sports, curricular activities classes and thus become victim of this competitive world. Therefore kids should be knowing how to handle stress in life and how to release their negative energy. Religious activities not only relaxes you but also helps you in better understanding of yourself.Teach your kid about the power of belief in God. The best gift what I consider I can give to my kid is the better understanding of himself and if possible he can learn to develop inner strength to handle stress in today’s times.

Researches also claim that-” Strategies aimed at increasing personal meaning in children  — such as expressing kindness towards others and recording these acts of kindness, as well as acts of altruism and volunteering — may help to make children happier, Holder”

So don’t hesitate to talk about spiritual values  and power of prayers to your kid….After all you are gifting him a mode of seeking happiness in life which any parent will love to do!

Charu Mehrotra

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