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10 Tricks and tips for weight loss sans Gym!

Losing weight without going to the gym  is a dream for every individual who is looking forward for a healthy lifestyle. Time is a precious commodity in today’s times and efforts are made to save as much as possible. I was always in search of tips and guidelines where I can learn how to keep a hold on my weight by doing things at home. It’s a pleasure to share those tips with everybody-                                                                                                                                                          

1.TV time can be used to carry out few exercises which you can do while watching your favorite programme.Especially the break time can be used very smartly by carrying crunches, jog steps or lifts.

2. Switching channels can be done on TV instead of using remotes. It will make you walk from one place to another.

3.Chewing your food properly will definitely help in proper absorption of nutrients.

4. Whenever get chance use stairs and avoid lifts. This is great way for exercising lower part of your body.

5.Cleaning House is a great activity which leads to calorie burn out. Attempts should be made to declutter home as many times it can be done.

6.Drink water as much and eat Oats as much.It’s a golden matra

7. Surya Namsakar is a great resource for burning calorie.

8.Shophouse grocery yourself and carry bags in your own hand. It’s a free exercise for your hands which can help in maintaining them.

9.Keep moving- Its not necessary to join dance classes at some school. There are many free videos available online which can guide u in right way.

10. Positive attitude and vision of having a perfect body shape play very important role in weight loss journey.

Readers are requested to share their tips and tricks which they follow for weight loss. Thanks in advance:)!

Charu Mehrotra

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  1. Chai a Cup of Life

    If the weather is good, I try to walk everywhere rather than take the car (just for exercise as I am not trying to lose weight) Yoga is also perfect as you only next a very small space!!

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