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When It Comes To Your Dreams And Vision Never Take No For An Answer

Womenlines welcomes Jahnavi Katti as a guest contributor at Womenlines panel. Jahnavi is an  Abundance Mindset Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, #Story2Satori youtube chatshow host, and  CEO of Keykonnecct. Jahnavi creates compelling visual stories, partners with brands to reach their target audience and provides consultancy on Storytelling & Branding. She has shared a powerful article on how to never ever  NO to your dreams

Recently a Facebook post popped up showing five years had passed since I attended the WeConnect Annual Conference that brings budding Female Entrepreneurs together with female Start-Up founders and big Global MNCs through workshops and panel discussions in Philadelphia. It took me down memory lane and I realised how excited I was to meet a lot of Women Entrepreneurs, network and explore business opportunities. My journey as an Entrepreneur started late in life after I stumbled upon the Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs in the prestigious IIM Bangalore and became a Certified Entrepreneur Coach. It was the first of its kind program happening for women fifteen years ago and I just grabbed the opportunity and started a Soft Skills Training & Leadership Coaching Company. It has been the most fulfilling period of my life as I not only did what I loved and was passionate about but had a great exposure to the learning and development and IT industry. I got a different perspective of myself as a human being. I named my company KEYKONNECCT with the intention to unlock the potential of human beings and in the process could unlock my own potential and feel fulfilled.


Every woman has a dream and I had it too, to become an Entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to meet women leaders from different countries and they influenced me as role models, mentors and coaches. This transformed me to a large extent to take risks, make crucial decisions and fulfil my entrepreneurial desires. Now that I have had my fair share of successes and failures as an Entrepreneur after a long stint of twenty years in the Training & Coaching industry, having helped thousands in honing their soft, leadership and entrepreneurial skills I have chosen to move on from my traditional style of working to take my business online digitizing my training and coaching products. My Vision is to see Women being their own source of Strength, Spirit and Wisdom. Twenty years ago I had no such opportunities or options but now times are changing and the business styles are changing with many preferring online, work from home options. This reduces the stress that is carried especially by Women when they need to tend to a family beyond their working hours. To affect real change in the perspectives of Women towards Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship needs to be nurtured in girls when they are young. We must teach them financial freedom and other skills they will need to succeed. They must also be trained to see themselves as empowered entrepreneurs and leaders through hands-on experience and interactions with female role models. In this regard, many successful women can mentor women entrepreneurs and nudge them towards achieving their goals. Many times it is just a clearer perspective that a Woman Entrepreneur is seeking and this a Coach or a Mentor can provide as a support system to encourage her on the path to success. I have created a space on YouTube #Story2Satori where Inspirational Stories of Women who have moved on or are moving on from Self Limiting Beliefs & Mindset to Insights, Wisdom, Purpose & Fulfilment is shared to enable Aspiring & Existing Entrepreneurs to thrive.


The gap in financial education in our schools and colleges puts all students, but particularly girls, at a disadvantage, and makes entrepreneurship programs aimed at young girls even more vital. Girls need to learn both the hard entrepreneurial skills and those soft skills when they are young so that they can practice them through adolescence and into adulthood. My Dream and Mission is to help 100000 Women become LifeStyle Entrepreneurs and become financially free and my endeavour is developing these set of values in young girls by teaching them early on that “WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR DREAMS AND VISION THEY SHOULD NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER”

Jahnavi Katti CPC

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

#Story2Satori Host

Mindfulness & Abundance Mindset Coach

CEO KeyKonnecct

Two Decades of Corporate Mindful Leadership Training and Coaching Experience





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