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 It is a pleasure to share about Senior Physiotherapist Shubhangi Gaikwad from the United Arab Emirates as an  Influencer for health and fitness at Womenlines panel. A Dedicated PT offering 10 years of acute-chronic care experience; a history of “exemplary” ratings on performance reviews; solid credentials that include, BLS/Dry needling/Manual Therapy certifications /certified FMT and a master’s degree in physical therapy in Neurology. This month Shubhnagi is sharing about what precautions you should be taking to prevent injuries while working from home-

With the demand for social distancing and fight against COVID-19, most of us are restricted at home. As this is a shift for a human being, from busy moving lifestyle to contained inside the home for days and days can remarkably cause an impact on physical and mental wellbeing. Work from home leads to many overuse injuries as we compromise on small details of ergonomics at home. Let us understand why we can end up in pain and how we can prevent ourselves? And work efficiently.

Working from home for many professionals can lead to various overuse injuries as

  • Tendinitis in wrist
  • Lateral epicondylitis
  • Neck muscle strain
  • Low back pain
  • Poor postural development
  • Postural scoliosis
  • knee pain
  • weight gain

All these mentioned ailments can occur during longtime work from home. Let us see the reason behind it

  1. The poor ergonomic arrangement at home.
  2. Being lazy and adapting to poor posture.
  3. Choosing the wrong place/corner at home to work.
  4. No breaks
  5. Multitasking home and office work

How we can lower down or eliminate the chances of injury and stay home and work safely and efficiently?

  1. Keep your routine discipline as usual: keep your daily routine as before, like a wake up on time, start and finish your work same as your office hour.
  2. Set break time: keep your break time, set alarm and remind yourself as per your routine office timing.
  3. Active breaks: even at home, it’s important for all of us to change our posture every 30 minutes. If you are sitting a long time, make sure you get up from seat every 30 minutes and spend 3 minutes standing/walking. This prevents constant pressure on the spine.
  4. Correct ergonomics arrangement at home: now most of the people think just having the right chair and table is enough to have perfect ergonomics, but that’s a wrong concept. Everyone work is different, for example, a tax consultant spends more time over keyboard whereas the designer works more with mouse/cursor to create designs. Therefore, the arrangement for both will be different.

                    So, getting a personalized ergonomic consultation is always recommended. To create the workplace according to your work, body and within the limit of resources, you have at home. Everything available online is generalized, not person-specific. The correct choice of the seating arrangement, cushions thickness, the height of desk/ monitor, supporting rolls etc is very crucial to prevent you from pain and injury.

  • Engage in exercise: take out time at least 20 minutes for doing simple exercises at home as whole-body stretching/sun salutations/ dancing etc something to keep your body physically fit. At this point of time, the goal of physical fitness has changed from being progressively attaining sharpness in our physical fitness level to rather maintain our body is sound physical health and not to deteriorate what we have achieved through our consistence effort.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: as at home many of us are drawn toward fridge frequently, make sure you do same for drinking water. In-office we generally keep bottles to keep sipping water in between. So, don’t forget the same at home. Keep two water bottle in your workplace and keep sipping. Also, you can set water alarms on your mobile.
  • Meditation:  Yes, we all need to practice at least 15-25 minutes of meditation. There are so many app/guided mediation videos available online, follow one which you can easily relate to. Meditation gives peace and mental strength to stay focuses and positive in conditions like this when we are seeing all the negative news and worsening situation every passing time.

Working from has many positive aspects too as

  • You are constantly with your family.
  • Saving travelling time and expenses.
  • Creating space and time for yourself.
  • Can pursue a hobby in leisure time.

Now is the time when we must take care of our physical and mental wellbeing to keep fighting until this war against COVID-19 over. Maintaining your body and mind fit should be the only goal for now. Every small effort now on your health will keep you healthy and safe.

Working from home is a blessing for our generation due to advancement of technology. We should make maximum use of it efficiently. Creating your perfect workstation at home can prevent you from injury and pain. Maintaining a set routine will help you give proper timing for your work, exercise, family and yourself.

#Stay home #stay safe # work from home efficiently

For any query or consultation write on shubhangigaikwad06@gmail.com

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Shubhangi Gaikwad
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