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Yelling and kids!

How often you have yelled or screamed at your kids!

Think about it. Majority of parents have done it many times, and they cannot recall the exact numbers it is a part of life. When your kid is not listening to you, you scream at him. Your kid is watching television and you ask him to close it as his time is over, but he ignores, the result is, a big scream from your side. I just realized how often I do throughout a week. I was forced to think about this habit after coming across this article in New York Times.

As a parent, I have learned a lot, how to control my pitch of sound while interacting with my kid, how to suppress my anger when he goes to extremes, but there are limits and at times I lose my patience and simply scream at him. And the whole day I feel guilty. Again the cycle starts and I control my pitch.This article is really a checkpoint for parents as how they are reacting to their kids.

Doctors suggest that yelling is ineffective and it damages child’s self-esteem.Yelling should be avoided, just think how you will feel when your boss yells at you, then think about your poor kid. It will be a very humiliating experience for him.  Think about the reasons for your yelling. At times as a parent, we are in anxiety for multitasking, and we are not able to deliver favorable results. That frustration is released while we yell, as most of the parents think.

To yell or not to yell is in our hand. The thing is that we have to realize the fact that it is in our control and every parent loves his child so let’s pledge that no more yelling at our kids!

Charu Mehrotra

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