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Must to Check by Parents-Online Stories Website for Kids!

Myyoungchild.org is an Internet site for online stories for kids about different good qualities.

Stories have always been a part of life for every kid around. In old times when there were joint families there, grandparents were always having bundles of stories to share with little ones of the family. These stories touching various topics like the importance of honesty in life, helping others, were quite helpful in teaching kids the basic values of life. In today’s times when most families are nuclear then site myyoungchild.org will definitely help parents to occupy their kids in some quality time spending on the Internet. Information below is a sort of official information regarding site-

As a parent, do you get a sinking feeling when you turn on the television news and hear tales of children shooting children, of parents hiding their son in an attic to attract attention to their weather balloon invention, of famed performers and sports players spewing disrespectful comments—to say nothing of swindlers like Bernie Maddox?

Myyoungchild.org provides just the resources parents and educators need to help teach children values and ethics in a world that sometimes seems adrift.

Sixteen beautifully illustrated online stories present situations that 3-7-year-old children can relate to: learning right from wrong, sharing at school, respecting friends and grandparents, telling the truth, being fair and responsible, developing patience, dealing with bullies, showing good manners and more. The stories on the easily accessible site use entertaining characters in situations that children can connect to their daily lives. Each story is followed by parenting tips targeted to specific social and ethical skills—tips that explain to parents at what age children can understand different moral concepts, how to talk to their children about these issues, and examples of how parents can help their children develop these values and ethics. A 3-minute online video illustrates through pictures and quotations the rewards of parenting and is ideal to be used in a school setting with parents. Other educational sections on the website include suggestions for parents on how to teach literacy, suggestions for educators on how to teach values and social skills in the curriculum, and how to use the stories to develop literacy. All the materials on Myyoungchild.org can be downloaded and used freely with children, parents, and educators.

Myyoungchild.org is a non-profit site developed by the Early Parenting Foundation. It was begun by Wilbur S. Edwards, a recent retiree from a long career in the educational video production market, who felt strongly that certain values were lacking in our society. He enlisted Nancy Morgan, an educational consultant he had worked with before, and Holly Bell, a preschool teacher, and illustrator, to create the online stories. “Our stories give parents and teachers the tools so they can discuss important values with children such as honesty, integrity, respect, and civility—values that are so needed in our society today. Our goal is to help children make good choices and lead more satisfying lives,” says Edwards.

For more information, visit Myyoungchild.org or contact Wilbur Edwards of the Early Parenting Foundation at 847.381.0768.

A must visit site for every parent!

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