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Networking for Indian Women Entrpreneurs in Singapore!

I will love to share the link of an article http://www.udaangroup.com/effective-networking-for-entrepreneurs.html… .. written by my friend Smitha Chandrashekharan.

This article made me think that how important is networking for women in Singapore!


Any woman who is into business is always looking for more contacts, networking platforms, forums where she can enhance her business contacts and also expand her business. In order to expand their business, they have to meet the right segment of people and also create awareness about their business products. Udaan, Indian Women Entrepreneurs Club in Singapore,  is a platform for all business women to meet like-minded people and to create visibility for their business.

A home business does have a positive element that women can manage their time well between family and business. But at times its quite challenging to keep themselves motivated and enthusiastic about their business as there are so many other commitments they have to carry on. In the regular routine, while taking care of the family it’s challenging for women to do their business sincerely. They need to meet people who are in the same field and the same type of business so that they can benefit from each other’s experience. What my experience teaches me that when we meet new people we learn a lot from each other insight. Its all about sharing and discussing yourself.

When I meet new people, through sharing, I got many innovative ideas, opportunities and also I came across the concept of leveraging with different groups. Udaan is such an avenue where women can share about their challenges and look for solutions.  In order to provide more support to its members, Udaan is also having Advisory committee, which will be having experienced entrepreneurs to guide and support them.  They can get benefits of getting listed in the directory, their products can be displayed in the product album section for the members, they can get benefits of public outreach while Udaan is organizing various events throughout the year. When entrepreneurs become Udaan member they can get referral benefits from other members of the club. Its all about getting together at one place and mutually benefiting each other. That is called strength of working together.  WIN-WIN.
God helps those who help themselves. Its all about starting thinking about business with a new concept and having the bigger vision in life. Entrepreneurs only grow when they are having both inward and outward growth. Udaan promises entrepreneurs that they will be benefited in both ways. Join Udaan’s flight to success and prosperity……welcome to https://www.facebook.com/UdaanEntrepreneurClub/

Charu Mehrotra

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