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Movie Dangal- A mindset revolutionising movie!!







Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, you are a perfectionist in real terms!

Movie Dangal is another feather in your cap of blockbuster movies which stands out in a crowd of certain substandard movies in present times. Time is changing very fast and so is the mindset of the youth section of our society. Somehow because of crazy social media trends, girls nowadays are getting more focused on just the way they look and what they wear. This movie has alerted Gals of today about developing a killing aspiration to achieve something in life and putting hard work and passion behind achieving that dream.

Girls are working, they are financially independent but somehow, suddenly everybody wants to achieve only slim figure and wear short dresses which they love to imitate from movie stars of today. But hang on gals!!!You just cannot spend the whole young age of your life worrying about your figure and looks. This is the time when you should be having your list of goals to achieve in life. You should be developing your other skills which can help you to move ahead. Eating healthy and exercising as per requirement of your body will definitely help to lead a healthy life and having a slim body. If a girl from the village can get a gold in Olympics then why not city girls?

Life is beautiful and time is precious. Be mindful how and where you are using your time. Get a dose of inspiration by watching movie Dangal and work towards making your life more meaningful.

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting excellence in women!

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