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Kitty Party Ideas

The trend of organising a kitty party is picking up fast. There are many creative kitty party ideas which can be planned out with full of fun.

Every woman loves to dress up nicely, try out new restaurants, try out new cuisines, participate in games organized in kitties and just have fun for themselves for few hours!

There is nothing bad about this concept. After all, everybody wants fun in life. While going through the regular routine of life, handling kids, kitchen, managing home, family, a job it becomes a necessity for womenfolk to indulge in some activity which will provide fun for themselves. Through kitty parties, women are also getting the opportunity to show their creativity in different ways. The way they dress up, hair styling and few are in special planning for games for parties in different ways.

With changing time ways for partying is also changing. We as women definitely need time for fun but if this fun time planned properly then it can be used for the mutual benefit of womenfolk. There are so many things which can be planned while organizing these parties. How about having a party without high-calorie food. The menu can be planned keeping calories in mind. Potluck can also be planned where every lady brings some diet dish keeping in mind the spirit of party. Once a while discussions can be done where every member speaks about herself, her hobbies, what her vision.The topic for discussion can be predecided and thus the exchange of knowledge can happen which will mutually benefit everybody. How about visiting an orphanage or NGO and spending some time. You can also carry handmade food for people there. That will bring some charity purpose in life

There are so many creative ways in which these parties can be planned and which can really mutually benefit to every member of the kitty. Family picnics can be planned together, halls can be booked to have performances by the members, competitions can be organized on occasion of festivals.

Every woman is a unique creativity by God in herself. Don’t let that feminism and creativity die due to certain excuses. Things can be better for everybody if you just think about it. If you are happy then your family will be happier. Find ways to make yourself happier while carrying out other responsibilities in life. Stop cribbing of lesser time. Whatever is the situation in life you have to face it.

Let’s have a party with a purpose!

Charu Mehrotra

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