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Rendezvous with Immigrants!

Kudos to members of  Women Executive Committee (WEC)  Sengkang, Singapore for organizing a   fun-filled Tea party for Immigrants in the neighbourhood area of Sengkang!


Tea party for Immigrants was a fantastic event to attend as it gave an opportunity to mingle with people from other countries.Mr.  Charles Chong, MP Punggol GRC Singapore, was the chief guest for the party. Immigrants got a chance to interact with him openly. He was very well mingling with the crowd and was asking about experiences of immigrants in Singapore. This event was to create a one-community mindset that can help Immigrants assimilate with Singaporeans in a more effective way. All who attended this event got a chance to meet fellow immigrants from different countries, now sharing Singapore as their home. Party was well planned with games, inter-cultural dance performances, delicious snacks and other activities. Children participated very actively in games and were thrilled with the performances. The programme was very well anchored by Ms Azeeza Jalaludeen, Co-Founder of SHINE- A Social Enterprise.

Immigrants meet in Sengkang is an example of the liberal mindset of Singaporeans. Women Executive Community headed by Madam Samantha Wong is quite aggressive in organizing such events. A regular get-together for immigrants can really help in diminishing the line of difference between Singaporeans (existing & immigrants) so that they can mutually benefit each other by exchanging knowledge and outreaching to help the local society together.

5360_103449622998907_100000016087178_92713_5805989_n1Immigrants take time to settle in any new country. Singapore is a very immigrant friendly country. I never really felt as an immigrant in Singapore until I was addressed as while attending some community affair. Strange, but true. Singapore embraces every immigrant in her bosom like her own child. Singapore government has created such a wonderful arrangement for all immigrants’ settlement, which helps them to settle down easily in this new country. There are so many bad experience stories from immigrants in other countries. Immigrants in Singapore always have wonderful stories to share with the world. Whenever immigrant arrives in any new country he is insecure, suffers from cultural shock, is lonely, is looking for avenues to socialize and above all he wants to relate himself to the society around. Initially, it is difficult in any country, but Singapore government has done a wonderful job keeping in mind all these points and making proper channels for the immigrants to solve their problems. Singaporeans are very open-hearted and friendly by nature.

Tea party for immigrants is a really a brilliant concept which should be replicated throughout Singapore. It should become a regular affair to give all immigrants a chance to open up to society and be a part of it.

Charu Mehrotra

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