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If you want to get success follow amazing tips from Simon Sinek !

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Life is beautiful and it has to be lived beautifully with the ultimate aim to achieve excellence and success in life!

I have strong belief that  God has sent us to earth with perfect ingredients within us which can help us to lead a successful life. It is upon us how we use these ingredients within us. Simon Sinek, the famous author, speaker, and marketing consultant, is sharing amazing insights about the science behind success in this talk.

My five takeaways-

“It is all about feelings. If we are happy, fulfilled, it is by 4 chemicals’-
Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin.”


Endorphins are feel-good hormones. It actually reduces the feeling of pain.  It helps in keep going during workouts and helps to face difficulties. If you are in sudden need of endorphins then laughter can be the good source which can easily induce endorphin release. Sources which can release laughter can be reading funny email, watching a comedy show or just remembering some funny moments in life. So always look out for natural ways of inducing endorphins.


“Motivates to achieve incremental goals. Rewards motivated behavior. Kind of like the “greed” function of the brain. Makes feel good when you check things off the “to do list” or get through project milestones. Highly addictive.”
“As dopamine is highly addictive you have to be mindful what is triggering dopamine within you. When they give numbers in banks to achieve and it gives dopamine they will keep doing. Dopamine is dangerous if unbalanced.”
The key message is to choose your source of dopamine mindfully.



“Serotonin is leadership chemical. Public recognition gives serotonin. With serotonin, confidence goes up. When you take your diploma…parents get serotonin. Serotonin tries to strengthen the relationship, it raises your status, confidence. You can trick serotonin. Conspicuous display of materialistic things show makes you feel good and thus by wearing branded stuff you trick your system.It provides the feeling of significance, pride, status. It drives you to seek the recognition of others. It reinforces the sense of relationships with the group, allegiance.”  Simon Sinek calls this the Leadership chemical and what creates a sense of allegiance and organizational cohesion.
It is said that most antidepressants focus on the production of serotonin. Gratitude helps in getting serotonin and also reflecting on our past victories. So why not we depend upon natural ways of enhancing serotonin instead of getting dependent on antidepressants.



Oxytocin gives the feeling of love. Through the act of human generosity, giving your time and energy and nothing expecting in return doing nice things for people, witnessing an act of generosity can also help you feel good. If you have lots of oxytocin you will never get addicted. It makes you healthy and your immune system increases. Also known as cuddle hormone, it enhances when you cuddle, handshake or receives a gift. WORK TOWARDS GETTING MORE OXYTOCIN IF YOU WANT TO GET HEALTHY.



“Cortisol is feeling of stress and anxiety. Cortisol is designed to keep you alive. It increases heart rate. When you get paranoid. it shuts off your immune system. It should be in and gone. Everyday cortisol collection inhibits oxytocin. You are less empathetic and less generous. Parents who come home stressed out are short-tempered and angry. This creates a negative impact on kids which  leads them to become bullies.”
The message here is that, don’t let cortisol overpower you.


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