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Guinness book of world record for conducting the largest child safeguarding session!

When the news is about Guinness book of the world record and that too for such an important cause which requires immediate attention around the world- Child Abuse, there should be a shout out!!

The record was created by conducting the largest child safeguarding session which empowered 1297 children to stay protected against sexual abuse and learn about their legal rights by Faith Foundation Trust in India along with V-force media.

The event was held on 18th of Nov 2017. The training session was conducted by Bangalore based social change organization Faith Foundation, which is championing the cause of protection of children against sexual abuse from past 5 years in the city. The whole event was conducted in the presence of the home minister of Karnataka, MLA Harris, MLA Vijay Kumar and other dignitaries who were equally concerned towards the cause. The event was also supported by Breathe entertainment.

The Faith foundation belongs to Dr. Vani Khare who is a resident of Singapore and is also doing similar work in other parts of south-east Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia) through her social enterprise Sanrakshan Pte Ltd registered in Singapore. She is a scientist by education (IISC Bangalore, Ph.D. in molecular biology from USM Penang, Malaysia), writer and humanitarian worker by choice. She is Founder director of social change organization Sanrakshan Pte Ltd Singapore.Vani’s passion took her to work towards social entrepreneurship. The prime focus of her work is eliminating the trauma of sexual abuse and violence inflicted on vulnerable women and children.

Guinness book of world record specially approved Dr. Vani Khare’s profile to conduct this session with 1500 children from various schools in India. She led the session along with her co-trainers Manju Goel and Harish Bhuvan. It only took 1 attempt to create the record with 1297 children. While 3 Trainers were leading the training on the stage, other Trainers, Barnali Sudhanshu, Gaurav Harish, Tejeshwari Harish, and Divya Bhushan were leading the session on the ground between the children as a synchronized activity. The aim of the session was to directly empower children and make the empowerment reach to as many children as possible. In the end, children need to learn about protecting themselves. They must take their protection in their own hand.

According to Dr. Vani “Every country has its own challenges when it comes to enforcing the law and providing protection to children but that should not stop us to face these challenges together as each stakeholder – Govt, police, parents, schools, media, and social organizations.” She has been working with various countries and governments towards burning issues like child abuse, domestic violence and trafficking (Rohingya) in Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. And she would like to bring the experiences she has gathered back to India in order to deal with the issue of childhood abuse.


Visit https://www.facebook.com/SanrakshanSingapore/ ,

http://https://www.facebook.com/WeFightAbuse/ to know more about Dr. Vani’s initiatives.

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